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Saturday, October 1, 2011

This week the kids have been having a fun playing with the Jenga blocks as part of their schooling. they had fun building Temples with their blocks. They also been studying hard and working on their academics of course. Math,science, english, grammar, social studies, I love how the kids are naturally becoming more and more curious about how things work and ask questions that give me even more resources to teach they ask... how does this work or why does this happen and I say, well, let's find out! Love how you can find anything online to aid in teaching. this week they learned about cloud formations and what causes clouds, from

this weekend started October general conference. It is always nice to listen to the words of the Prophet, and leaders of the church and learn what we can do to become better people, parents,and families.
tomorrow will be another session. tune in at

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recital Pictures

Adrianna's Ballet recital photo's finally arrived. I purchased them on CD so I could make copies, and use the images as much as I like and it still be legal to do so... that being said here they are. We were excited to finally receive them! Now as for a professional class photo.. they didn't do one. They did get a picture of the whole group together after the show, on the last performance day, but since that performance day happened to fall on a sunday, she did not attend that performance. She participated in saturday's performance so sadly there is not a picture of her with the whole class, however there is a picture I took of her with some of her dance class mates.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update- september

We have had lots going on lately. Spetember 1st schooling officially started back for homeschooler's. Of course we never really stopped learning during the summer, but September officially marked the 1st of the new school yr and new grades for us! Kids enjoyed getting their new supplies for the new yr, and we invested in text books by McGraw-hill.. the textbooks the schools use also. Found some on amazon for dirt cheap- used! Can't beat that! For all of you who don't know last month marked alot of sad events, but also some happy ones as well. My dad died August 13th. He went into the hospital at the beginning of August and didn't walk out. his health shot downhill and he was put on life support. August was definitely filled with some major emotional roller- coastering ,as his health went downhill, shot back up, and he awoke long enough to tell us he was through fighting the battle, said his goodbye's to some of us, and was moved to hospice to be made as comfortable as possible. He passed away three days later, on August 13th,2011. This was very hard, emotional time for me, and although I am doing much better, I still miss my dad a great deal, and forever will, but I know he is happier, healthy now, and in a much better place, and I have come to accept this reality much more now than I had to start with. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge of eternity, and the happiness there-in.
It has definitely carried me through this difficult time. 3 days after his passing was Devin's birthday and 5 days after his passing was my birthday. His viewing was August 19, and funeral was August 20th. Then after all this sadness on August 30th My newest nephew- Kason Bill Brandon was born into the world! :) A happy day to behold! I just wish I could have been there to rejoice in the special day. He lives in UT 2000 miles away from me. :( Here is a pic of my adorable nephew!

Isn't he adorable?!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cub Scout day Camp 2011

Here are the pictures from scout camp as promised. Seth really had fun again this yr. It's kind of funny, because although he was supposed to be a webelos 1 in camp this yr and I told them this, he kept insisting he was a wolf since he had been a wolf in scouts this past yr so they put him in with the wolves. He was a BEAR last yr which means he back tracked at camp. oh well. LOL atleast he had fun that's what's important!
This picture was taken on the last day of camp. He also got a picture with the group which I still need to scan and post on their water day with the firemen. :) I will try and scan it tomorrow and add it to this post. we got a video clip of him receiving his award :

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer fun!

So we have had alot going on since May. In May Adrianna had her first ballet recital and played the part of a cordial cherry in the show "Alice in Candyland" she enjoyed it alot and we are so proud of our little ballerina. She absolutely loves to dance and wants to be like her cousin Chloe and dance even when she is big like her and be in pre-professional ballet like her. She has definitely found her niche and is very good at what she does. It brings back memories of when I was in ballet as a child and how I wish I had kept it up also. For the summer her dance class is being combined with tap so the kids can try out tap and decide if they enjoy it enough and if they do, the Academy will be adding a tap class. She loves both tap and dance equally.

Seth has cub scout day camp coming up June 27th-July 1st and is really excited. He went to it last yr for the first time and absolutely loved it. I will have to post pictures after it happens.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

family fun times, Memories

So this has been an exciting last few weeks definitely worth recording. Last monday my mom came in town and spent a whole week here. It was wonderful seeing her again and spending time with her. The Kids absolutely loved having her here as well Lizzie's birthday was the next day (April 18th) and turned 5! I can hardly believe how fast time flies. She is so smart and so adorable. The kids are loving homeschooling and so am I. Can't beat the freedom to learn where ever you like whether it be in side at the table, on a blanket in the living rm, or outside on a picnic table or blanket. Field trips at the park, to the temple open house, to homeschooling group activities. They even have a homeschooler's TRACK AND FIELD DAY coming up we will all be attending. Devin even got off work for the event. It will be alot of fun. then Devin's parents came in town on thursday April 22nd, and Saturday April 23rd (Easter weekend) Adrianna was baptized!! It was a small but beautiful baptism with Lots of family, (grandma,grandpa C, Grandma Annie, Uncle JT,Aunt Cynthia,Grandpa Bill, and Grandma Jenny, cousin Olivia,Hunter Anna's siblings,mom,dad, and a lady who used to be her primary teacher. Adrianna was beautiful in her new white dress and looked like a princess. I will be posting pictures of it later today. She was so excited to get baptized, that when she got dressed into her white dress before the meeting started, she was trying to go into the font then and I had to keep explaining not yet, not yet, we go into the meeting first. LOL She looked so beautiful, and we are so proud of her. Afterwords we took lots of pictures, and then went to our house and celebrated with pizza.

Mom went home this past Monday the 25th and Devin's parents left Thursday headed to visit Devin's brother and family. the last month or so we have been remodeling our floors and removing the carpet and replacing it with laminate. The living rm is done and we are now working on the hallway. It is a work in progress and will be nice to have it all done. a few days ago as many of you know there were lots of storms out here in the south and a tornado was headed right for our town, but it turned and never hit us and we had absolutely no damage here. not even broken tree limbs so all was well here. a few weeks before there were lots of storms also and one was headed right for the Atlanta temple and people got pictures of it headed for them then reported they saw it go above temple and skipped over the temple . I saw the picture and sure enough it was indeed a tornado and indeed the Atlanta temple parking lot. the Church is true! :-) :-)

today's agenda:
work on floors
Devin- work on vans
go to the zoo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday, March 13 2011

Yesterday I (April) took the girls to see cousin Chloe perform in her ballet recital- Alladin and the magical lamp. They really enjoyed it. Anna has been the one attending in the past, and this was Elizabeth's first attendance. Intro to ballet in a live setting. They both loved it of course. It was a fun girls day out! Anna's in ballet now. Her first ballet recital is in May. She is really excited! She will playing the part of a cordial Cherry. Earlier that morning I worked out in the Wii EA Active2 and it literally kicked my butt! My legs felt like jelly the rest of the day and I was so sore today. This has got to be the sorest I have ever been. Last week I only worked out on ea active once (day 1 of 9 week challenge, so yesterday I had missed 2 workouts (wed,fri workout) I didn't realize ea active increases in intensity each workout so try going from workout1 to workout 4. workout 1 made me sore for 3 days... yesterday workout was supposed to be workout #4 but it was workout2 for me.. it SERIOUSLY made me sore.

For those of you who don't know yet we are homeschooling the kids now. They have been doing quite well with this. They have improved in many areas that were difficult for them before. Loving it, and the kids really enjoy it too. There is so much stuff out there to make homeschooling easier, fun than there was when we were growing up as kids.
We have also been blessed with alot of resources from friends who are homeschooling, or used to homeschool who have passed stuff down to us. It is a blessing to be with the children more now, and to be the ones to teach them. It is rewarding. Yes it can be very challenging task.. some days more than others, but rewarding and I can't imagine not being the one to teach them anymore. Each day it gets easier and easier, and I will admit at first I was really nervous to do this, but with the Lord, all things are possible.
"I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me" -Philippians 4:13