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Saturday, October 1, 2011

This week the kids have been having a fun playing with the Jenga blocks as part of their schooling. they had fun building Temples with their blocks. They also been studying hard and working on their academics of course. Math,science, english, grammar, social studies, I love how the kids are naturally becoming more and more curious about how things work and ask questions that give me even more resources to teach they ask... how does this work or why does this happen and I say, well, let's find out! Love how you can find anything online to aid in teaching. this week they learned about cloud formations and what causes clouds, from

this weekend started October general conference. It is always nice to listen to the words of the Prophet, and leaders of the church and learn what we can do to become better people, parents,and families.
tomorrow will be another session. tune in at

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  1. Those are quite the creations. Well done! How did we every survive without the internet. I'm sure you use it all the time with homeschool. We are constantly answering kids questions with it and we don't even do homeschool What a wonderful resource! Glad ya'll are enjoying conference. What a great weekend!