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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update- september

We have had lots going on lately. Spetember 1st schooling officially started back for homeschooler's. Of course we never really stopped learning during the summer, but September officially marked the 1st of the new school yr and new grades for us! Kids enjoyed getting their new supplies for the new yr, and we invested in text books by McGraw-hill.. the textbooks the schools use also. Found some on amazon for dirt cheap- used! Can't beat that! For all of you who don't know last month marked alot of sad events, but also some happy ones as well. My dad died August 13th. He went into the hospital at the beginning of August and didn't walk out. his health shot downhill and he was put on life support. August was definitely filled with some major emotional roller- coastering ,as his health went downhill, shot back up, and he awoke long enough to tell us he was through fighting the battle, said his goodbye's to some of us, and was moved to hospice to be made as comfortable as possible. He passed away three days later, on August 13th,2011. This was very hard, emotional time for me, and although I am doing much better, I still miss my dad a great deal, and forever will, but I know he is happier, healthy now, and in a much better place, and I have come to accept this reality much more now than I had to start with. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge of eternity, and the happiness there-in.
It has definitely carried me through this difficult time. 3 days after his passing was Devin's birthday and 5 days after his passing was my birthday. His viewing was August 19, and funeral was August 20th. Then after all this sadness on August 30th My newest nephew- Kason Bill Brandon was born into the world! :) A happy day to behold! I just wish I could have been there to rejoice in the special day. He lives in UT 2000 miles away from me. :( Here is a pic of my adorable nephew!

Isn't he adorable?!

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