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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentines 2011

So this has made for an interesting valentines. I was too sick to do anything on valentines day, so after the kids went to bed, me and hubby had some popcorn and chatted while I lay on the couch. We were going to have a candle lit dinner, and a game night/ or movie night but I was really tired, and nauseated from the flu still so We decided we'd celebrate on feb 15th.. Well today feb 15 arrived ,and guess what? Devin was now sick so me, kids celebrated with a movie night, some candy. We will be baking cookies tomorrow.(I am better now), and maybe tomorrow night hubby will feel better, Or maybe thursday. Better late than never eh? He did bring me roses a few night before. they are really beautiful. I will add them to this later as they are not yet uploaded, and a teddy bear with candies. Such a sweetie he is!

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