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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10 2011- A snowy Morning

today has been interesting to say the least. It snowed last night. So homeschooling this morning.. hasn't actually happened. HOWEVER the snow is melting fast since it is warm today, and we only got 2 inches of snow this time, so after speech therapy this afternoon we will be buckling down and doing our schooling whether the kids want to or not. LOL Snow always winds the kiddo's up a bit so they really want to be outdoors right now. As for mom? I have a case of the cabin fever due to all this cold weather we have had as of late, so I think going for a drive, to speech therapy will do me some good. I don't like getting out into the cold too much, so I tend to stay snuggled in our warm home whenever possible. We have had alot going on lately. Anna is in ballet and has her first recital in May! Seth is in scouts and we went to the Blue and Gold dinner last night where he received 2 more belt loop achievements (one in Music, and the other in wildlife conservation.) He was pretty proud and we were so proud of him too! He has been doing so well. He loves scouts and the friends he has made there. He received his Pinewood derby kit last night too and is super excited to make it with his daddy!

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